31 December 2009

new year's eve

sitting in a quiet gallery space this afternoon listening to alexi murdoch. my salvation lies in your love. tell the truth. easy words with tough resolve. resolutions? have any? sure you do, but do you have the resolve? will i really quit my unhealthiest habits? will i really be more patient with you? will i really manage my time better? will i actually possess the resolve to keep the resolution? 

will 2010 be the year you pull your exhibit together and show it to the public at asherlove? 
if you've got the resolve we've got the solution.

make no small plans. show your work. share your world. 


25 December 2009


20 December 2009

17 December 2009

Color Therapy January 2010
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09 December 2009

color therapy

03 December 2009

The SweetBabyJesus Show Opens Dec2009

UPDATE: Rolling Submission announced for Sweet Baby Jesus Show. If you still have your photographic submission or left on the opening night with a disposable camera, we're ready for you!!  Bring that work in! We're going to let the exhibit evolve throughout the entire month in celebration of inspiration, divine and otherwise.

recap from opening night: The Sweet Baby Jesus show opened tonight. The imagery presented sparked many conversations and new interest in personal participation.  We think this is simply fantastic and would like to open the submission up through the month of December. In the coming week, our progressive evolving exhibit will also include photographs taken with disposable cameras distributed at our opening reception tonight.  If you would like to submit your own work see submissions details below this post.     Meanwhile, come and see the show Thursdays thru Saturdays (noon-7); Sundays noon-5.      ((CAVEAT: the gallery's personnel r participating in the MAINx24 event on Saturday Dec5 and will be closed for the day.  Good Luck If you are participating in the event's photo contest with the Times Free Press.  more info at http://mainx24.com/))
above: P. X.Zile's artist statement.
exhibiting artists wrote their artist statements 
on the wall next to their work.